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Performance on Special Stage

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*The event will be cancelled in the case of bad weather (except for light rain).

Stage MC / Kilara Sen

Kilara Sen is the only female bilingual Japanese/English comedienne.
In addition to performing stand-up comedy all over the world, she also works extensively as a MC, narrator and actor.
She appeared many TV programs, such as “Asia’s Got Talent”.
Laugh Factory’s “THE FUNNIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD” Japan representative.


Japanese Flower Arrangement Performance

■October 19(Sat)10:30- 12:30-
Japanese flower arrangement performance by Tokyo Metropolitan Tea Ceremony/ Flower Arrangement Federation.
It is the art form to express beauty through arrangement to hold seasonal plants and flowers in a vase. In this program, flower arrangement experts will create autumn arrangement on stage.
Please enjoy the elegant performance showing both attraction and depth of Japanese flower arrangement.


Shakuhachi & Guitar / Izanagi(Koki Sato & Akihiro Sekiguchi)

■October 19(Sat)11:30- 14:30-

Koki Sato
Koki Sato was born to "Minyo (a folk)" family. Studied with the family from an early age and started performing on stage.
He won the national tournament in 2000.
He entered Tokyo university of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of traditional Japanese Music, Shakuhachi major in 2011.
He is currently working in various fields, not only traditional Japanese music and classical music but also "Minyo" and pop genres.

Akihiro Sekiguchi
Akihiro Sekiguchi studied under Mr. Masaaki Iizuka after graduating from MUSE Music Academy.
Studied jazz guitar with Mr. Toshiki Nunokawa.
His band debuted from Universal Music in a song used for the ending of the movie "The Father" directed by and starring Shinichi Chiba.
At the age of 19, he won the Shimamura Musical Instrument Technical Guitar Championship.
Since then, he has been active in recordings and live performances of various artists.

<Official Website>


Japanese style Contemporary dance
/Japan Women's College of Physical Education Dance-Producing Society

■October 20(Sun)10:50- 13:10-

The Dance Producing Society was founded by interested students of JWCPE dance majors in 2003,
and has been active to seek for trends of dance and to regularly provide performances of self-produced works including choreographies,
with determination of taking responsibilities for the next generation of contemporary dance.
They persue dance business deeply in order to expand the possibility of dance,
by inviting workshop lecturers from home and abroad, by learning technical knowledge such as lighting, sound, and producing method,
by collaborating with other universities and colleges, and by addressing community dance which is the model of community exchange.

<Official Website>


Tsugaru-Shamisen & Human Beat Box / Shibata Masato & GEN

■October 20(Sat)12:00- 14:40-

Shibata Masato
In 2001, at the age of 15, started taking on with Tsugaru Shamisen.
He has won 13 championships in the highest category of national competitions.
As the Tsugaru shamisen player, he boasts the highest number of wins in history.
He has also developed musical activities not only domestically but aiso overseas.
<Official Website>

Gen started the human beat box in 2011. He play actively in live concerts and flash mobs.
In 2015, he signed with Universal Studios Japan as a musician.
In addition, is chosen as National Best 16 at the official national convention.
Currently he is pursuing band activities and live performance on the street. In 2017 he lectured on human beat box at music vocational school.




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Japanese craft workshop

You can make Japanese crafts and Japanese style herbarium.
You can take your work home with you.


Japanese traditional pastimes

You can enjoy Japanese traditional pastimes,
Kendama and Koma.
“The Japan Komamawashi Association” certified instructor at the top of the national convention will give lectures for beginners to enjoy.
Price: free


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Stalls for Lunch box, Japanese sweets, green tea, etc.

Other Events on the Same Day

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Traditional culture experience programs for foreign visitors

We offer a number of cultural experience programs for foreigners.
●Flower arrangement(Ikebana)
●Edo Sashimono
●Kimono Dressing
■Organizers:Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
■Inquiry : Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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